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Top Tips To Keep Cycling In Winter

Winter adventures are a lot of fun, especially when cycling in the Cotswolds.

The soft coating of snow on the ground and in the trees, as well as the lingering breath hanging in the air, make for beautiful surroundings as you ride in colder weather.

Cycling in winter does bring with it a new set of challenges, however, if you are well prepared it is a lovely time to ride. Here are some top tips to enjoy winter cycling.

Dress In Layers

Regardless of the outdoor activity, a series of warm, thin, versatile layers are better for exercising, as you do not have to worry about over or underheating quite as much.

The key considering to bear in mind is that your clothing is breathable and wicking, so that sweat does not accumulate and freeze in cooler temperatures.

Prepare Your Bike For Winter

Before you head out, make sure you lubricate and clean your drivetrain (including not only your chains but also the derailleurs and cassette) with a synthetic lubricant to keep your bike working in the cooler weathers.

Clean your bike after every ride as well, as gritting salt can cause a lot of damage to your bike, especially if there are any exposed steel parts.

Lower your tyre pressure as well, to ensure that you have better traction in the often slushy conditions you see on roads.

Keep Fed And Hydrated

We burn more calories in the winter, as our body has to work harder to keep our body at the right temperature.

Because of this, it is vital to keep snacks, warm drinks and water with you to keep you going on longer rides, to ensure you keep your legs spinning and your core body temperature at just the right level.