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Just about everyone is ready to book a holiday and take a break after 2020, and if you’re one of the many people who has taken up cycling during the pandemic as a means to get out and about, why not consider a cycling holiday? It the perfect way to explore the countryside at a speed that allows you to feel immersed in the landscape.

Cycling is also perfect for those wanting a holiday that doesn’t have a huge carbon footprint, capitalising on the reduction in carbon emissions from the coronavirus crisis. You can take your time, have rest stops whenever you feel, take in the sights and scenery, and you’ll also return home feeling fitter and healthier than when you left!

Here are a few tips for getting prepared for the best bike tour holiday possible.

Invest in a quality bike

A quality bike is the most essential part of the kit. Touring bikes are specially designed to handle heavier loads so you can bring along everything you need, and they’re adaptable and safer for roads and certain trails.

Ensure you invest in a bike that suits your riding style, is adjusted to your height, and is robust enough to be up to the challenge and isn’t likely to have a serious breakdown on the road.

Plan your accommodation

When planning your tour, plan your accommodation ahead of time. You may need to make a series of reservations for hotels, hostels, or campsites along the route to avoid any disappointment at the end of a long journey. Also, be wary of booking accommodation too far apart!

Make sure the accommodation is cycle friendly and has a place to store your bike while you eat and sleep.

Pack the right gear

You’ll need cycling-specific cycling gear for the best comfort on your bike. It’s a good idea to pack a few items for evening wear, too, or for times when you are off the bike and exploring on foot. Add toiletries and essential bike repairs items, as well as all the camping equipment if applicable.

You will need the right safety equipment too, such as a good cycle helmet, high-visibility clothing, and a first aid kit is a sensible choice. But keep in mind to pack only what you need, as every extra item adds weight you will need to carry on your bike.

If you’re interested in self-guided cycling holidays in the Cotswolds, visit our site today!